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Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Newsletter

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Adventure Begins

Hi. My names Aileen and I am a fruitcake. Now that we have got that out of the way, let me explain what the site is about.
Background first. I started this site as a 'diary'. It had trail reports on all the different hikes I went on. What type of hike, what it was like, beautiful pictures, whether it was easy or difficult according to my level of fitness, etc.
It also had links to different adventure and hiking clubs. Who to contact, what the different adventures were about, etc.
After walking out of my job of 14years because of a mental and physical breakdown - See
menopause and diabetes write up's. Never did get to the depression and suicidal one's although there is enough links there - I then decided to redo my website.
I had just started when........disaster struck. My computer crashed. And I didn't have back up's. No biggie. Just start all over again.
But this time I decided that I was going to do what I love best, helping people. Probably the only thing I am good at.

So this site is dedicated to all the wonderful people out there.
For people who suffer from a mental illness.
For those suffering because they are rejected by those whom they love or those who have lost someone they love.
For those who suffer from physical or mental disabilities.
For those who suffer from chronic diseases or illness.
For those who are abused whether it is domestic abuse, physical, mental, emotional, child abuse or even animal abuse.
For those who are caught up in the human trafficking cycle.
For those who have to sleep on the streets, under cardboard boxes or in doorways.
For those who only get to eat every 3 - 4 days.
For those whose houses fall down everytime is rains.

For each and every person who, in one way or another, has suffered.
May God be with you and give you peace.

See the following pages.
Our Intentions.
Our Ideas.
How you can help?
My Blog.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Adventure Begins Project

We Intend travelling to rural villages/settlements along the border of South Africa and thereafter moving inland.

Our intention is to evaluate each village to see what their needs are with regards to sustainable living, food, housing, education, health, skills development and job creation.

We will then require experts in the various fields to find a solution. Once a viable and sustainable solution is found, we will then require business's as well as individuals to provide their time, skills, knowledge and of course, donations, to assist with the implementation thereof.

1. We require a translator who is able to speak the majority of the languages.

2. We also require a medical officer to assist with medical check ups and education regarding health, diabetes, tb, malaria, cholera, etc.

3. Somebody who is comfortable speaking to government officials, professionals, educators and church members regarding our objectives and what is required from them.

Sense of humour and caring attitude important.


or for further information.

or you can list your business at a cost of R50.00 per month. All monies used for the project.

What hiking is all about