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Thursday, March 11, 2010

FIMA 2010 Wildebeest World Cup

One of my very few 'good' points has always been my sense of humour but I think Wild Frontiers beat me this time. I would say more but there wording says it all:

"In June and July 2010 , the annual FIMA 2010 Wildebeest World Cup will take place in the Serengeti . The governing body,FIMA, (International Federation of Migratory Animals) is well prepared for this annual event , having been doing this for centuries. Teams of over 1.2 million Wildebeeste are expected to attend, over 400 000 Zebra, large teams of Thompsons Gazelle, as well as Elephant, Lions, Buffalo, Eland etc. This is the planets largest migratory World Cup, and is an event not to be missed. While many Humans will be in South Africa watching a game played by 22 people with a ball, in June/July, many other Humans will be watching the Greatest Game on the Planet, the FIMA 2010 Wildebeest World Cup - played on a field of over 25000 square kilometres, by teams totalling over 2 million animals of many species (no balls either - and the games are longer !!). Book your guaranteed seat to the 2010 FIMA Wildebeeste World Cup now !!!."

Now isn't that enough to entice you to rather watch the Greatest Game on the Planet. Their web address is:

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